DaVinci IQ

DaVinci est de retour avec un tout nouveau vapo plus compact et moderne que jamais. Le DaVinci IQ dispose de toutes les caractéristiques d'un vaporisateur haut de gamme, assurant une expérience sans défaut.

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DaVinci IQ

Le DaVinci IQ est désormais livré avec un pile originale (18650 3500mAh) gratuit ! Cette promotion est valable dans la limite des stocks disponibles.

Édition limitée Édition vert olive désormais disponible !

Offrant de nouvelles caractéristiques intéressantes dans un corps compact en aluminium anodisé, le DaVinci IQ n'est pas seulement magnifique, il est également incroyablement intuitif et facile à utiliser, et produit une vapeur satisfaisante et pleine de goût.

Batterie 18650 remplaçable

Là où beaucoup de vaporisateurs portables disposent d'une batterie intégrée (non remplaçable par l'utilisateur), le IQ utilise une batterie 18650 remplaçable et rechargeable qui peut facilement être échangée contre une pleine. Une batterie pleine fournit 1 heure et demie et d'utilisation. La recharge prend environ 3 heures.

Vapeur goûteuse et fraîche

Se basent sur les commentaires des utilisateurs, les ingénieurs de DaVinci se sont concentrés sur l'utilisation de matériaux de qualité supérieure et sur une ingénierie précise, faisant du IQ l'un des vaporisateurs les plus précis au niveau du contrôle de la température.

Utilisant un conduit d'air en zirconium céramique 100 % isolé, l'embout du DaVinci IQ vous délivrera ainsi le plus pur des arômes. Le conduit en Zirconium passe du bol à la chambre des saveurs, une chambre supplémentaire qui permet à la vapeur de refroidir avant l'inhalation.

Comme décrit par le fondateur de DaVinci, Cort Smith : " Les gens ne veulent pas teinter leur expérience d'un goût de métal ou de plastique ; ils veulent avoir le goût exact de ce qu'ils ont mis à l'intérieur, et rien de plus. "

Mode vibreur

Le IQ dispose d'un mode vibreur qui vous alertera. Plus besoin de fixer les LED ou l'écran de votre vaporisateur pour savoir quand il est prêt à être utilisé !

Technologie Smart path, températures de vape & mode boost

Le IQ dispose d'une technologie unique, appelée " Smart Path ". Elle permet de choisir parmi 4 températures, et laisse l'appareil choisir automatiquement la meilleure température pour votre session de vaporisation. Les autres fonctions incluent le mode précision et le mode boost. La dernière permet de faire monter la température à un maximum de 220 °C (430 °F) et c'est un moyen efficace de retirer le maximum de vos herbes.

Application smartphone Bluetooth

Pour customiser davantage votre expérience de vaporisation, le DaVinci IQ peut être connecté à votre smartphone Apple ou Android en utilisant sa propre application. Cela vous permet d'ajuster davantage les réglages de température ainsi que de faire un suivi de l'utilisation ou dimmer les LED.

L'utilisation de l'app est optionnelle, les réglages de température peuvent se faire directement sur le vaporisateur.

Dans la boîte

  • Vaporisateur IQ DaVinci
  • 1x batterie 18650 rechargeable 3500mAh
  • 1x câble micro USB
  • 1x chambre des saveurs
  • 1x adaptateur outil à eau 10mm
  • 2x outil Davinci
  • 1x porte-clé Davinci
  • Kit de nettoyage

10 ans de garanti

VapoShop est distributeur officiel du the DaVinci IQ, offrant une garantie (limitée) de 10 ans.

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  • Marque : DaVinci
  • Portable / Electrique : Portable
  • Compatibilité : Herbes
  • Méthode d’inhalation : Fouet/direct
  • Délai de préchauffage : 10-30 secondes
  • Réglage température : Oui
  • Plage de températures: 120°C - 221°C
  • Batterie amovible: Oui
  • Capacité batterie: 3500 mAh


  • RRR:

    Excellent. Une étoile en moins pour l'incapacité de fonctionner avec des concentrés.

  • Dams:

    I really love this DaVinci IQ. (Blue) This is my first portable vaporizer but I can tell that I'm really impressed. It's really well designed, a really good quality product. The packaging is great and there are nice accessories. Heating time is really fast, vapor quality is great and it tastes so good, as good as a desktop vaporizer. I was looking for something discrete, powerful and easy to use, this IQ do the job perfectly. It's exactly what I was looking for. A desktop vap in your hand. If you are looking for a portable vaporizer in that price range, seriously consider this one ! I will advise to buy a second battery and a charger for those who will use it on a daily basis. 9.5/10 -Pros : Everything... High quality product, well designed, powerful, discrete, taste is damn good, 10 years warranty... -Cons : You can't use concentrates 5* for VapoShop, nice products, nice prices, fast shipping. I will recommend !

  • m.s:

    I previously owned a Pax 2 and thought it may be time to upgrade, mostly because the smell was too noticeable and I wanted to see if any other portable vaporizers improved my experience. Discreteness, efficiency, medical-grade materials and ease-of-use are my main points for a portable vaporizer. I decided to go with the Davinci IQ after selling my Pax 2 for the following reasons. I've used the IQ for 1.5 months and the Pax 2 for about a year. 1. Reports of little to no smell. 2. Removable battery: I now rarely charge batteries via the device itself. Only when I'm traveling light and didn't bring my external charger. It's nice to be able to swap batteries when needed. Or so I thought. See "The Bad", below. 3. All the accessories that I would have bought for my Pax 2 were included with the IQ. A metal stirrer/scraper with an extra keychain one, a keychain storage container which proved to be very handy and the brush. 4. The ceramic zirconium air path: I gave in to the claims of better taste and decided I would give it a shot. Didn't know anyone with an IQ to try beforehand though. The Good: - Decent build quality, doesn't feel cheap, excellent aesthetic design. More or less the same as the Pax 2. - Lowest temperature gives a good combination of vapor amount, battery usage and taste on a fresh pack after about 40 seconds of turning it on. I rarely go to 3 and never go to 4. I never use precision temperature settings since I didn't find it necessary. - Smell is barely noticeable unless you're in a small, enclosed space with other people. I could stand on a crowded train platform and no one gave me strange looks. - Taste is ok but I didn't notice too much of a difference so long as the temperature is kept low on a Pax 2. However, I felt like this would have been very noticeable considering everyone's comments about it online. - The space for putting a scraper *in* the vaporizer is very convenient. I feel more portable vapes should be doing this. The Bad: - The battery indicator is not accurate at all. This is extremely annoying coming from a Pax 2 where I never had any surprises. With the IQ, I often turn it on, and the first battery indicator displays 2-3 bars, but a few seconds later a second battery indicator shows me the battery is at 1 bar and vibrates telling me it needs to be charged. I've tried with multiple batteries, same problem. - The battery life sucks. Tried with 2 brand new batteries and I end up averaging around 3 hours of use throughout the day, on gradually increasing temps of 1-3. This totally kills the pros of having a removable battery since I end up charging and changing them so often. I could use my Pax 2 on and off for about a day and a half with similar temp settings. I much prefer a single charge for a day and a half over having to change batteries 2-3 times a day. - The battery's buzzing/ticking sound is really annoying when you're in a quiet space. Yes, I know it's normal. It still sucks. - The IQ vibrates when it is ready to be used. Except I found it usually takes about 30 seconds more after this vibration for the device to start producing decent amounts of vapor. If I don't wait, I only get a wisp of vapor that dissipates quickly. - The extended mouth piece's silicon part expands on temp settings of 2-3 when it's been on for several minutes, causing the mouthpiece to stick out and stay open unless you jam it back it. Then, it stubbornly pops out again after a few seconds. I don't have this problem with the flat mouthpiece, which I use the most since it is more discrete. However, I find the extended mouth piece to be more comfortable to use so long as I keep the temp setting low. The Ugly: - This thing consumes a *lot* of herb. I believe I noticed this because of the Pax 2's auto-regulating temperature feature that senses when the device is moving/about to be used and adjusts its temperature accordingly. Before getting the IQ, I honestly didn't think this would make so much of a difference but holy shit that changed when I got the IQ. I can tightly pack a full chamber (0.3-0.4g), set it to 1 and go from there to 3 in about 1 hour of use and it's gone. Even after stirring. The same on a Pax 2 would last me about 2 hours with equal amounts of vapor and effect, but less herb. I feel like it's a huge waste which leaves plenty of desire for optimization. - Cleaning the IQ is a real pain. First, there are many parts which is somewhat fine until you realize there is an unreachable space between the seal for the flavor chamber and the herb chamber. Resin gets stuck there and none of the included tools (or even q-tips dabbed in isopropyl alcohol) reach that space. So you're either stuck with foul-smelling accumulated resin or you need to buy some other tool to scrape out what you can. Either way, I don't think you can completely clean that as easily as the flavor chamber. Second, the herb chamber has little holes that act as a screen but the reality is the vaped herb goes through the "screen" anyways. The "vaped herb dust" just falls through and ends up in the flavor chamber, which looks like it needs to be cleaned as often as a few days of use. Because of this, it's impractical to use the flavor chamber for its intended purpose since my unvaped herb would just end up covered in vape dust. I shouldn't need to buy separate accessories to deal with this. Also, the vape "screen" gets clogged up with vape dust and resin quickly, forcing you to pull much harder than before to get the same amount of vapor. This wouldn't be an issue if cleaning didn't take so long. I do get some vape dust in the vapor chamber for the Pax 2, but it's way less and because it's so easy to clean, it's not an issue. Third, the herb chamber collects resin along the walls and edges where the wall meets the chamber "floor", which is very difficult to remove even with the included alcohol wipes and brush. If you wait too long before your next cleaning session, you're screwed because the resin will harden to a point where even the scrape tool won't be able to clean that off. With the Pax 2, all I had to do was buy a sewing needle with the right diameter, wrap it in an alcohol swab and pass it 2-3 times through the vapor chamber about once every 2-3 weeks. Those white, prickly, bendable scrapers work well too. A straight line, with no nooks and crannies, cleans perfectly. Compare that to about an hour of cleaning the IQ after about two weeks of use and I still am not able to completely clean the device. Unfortunately, the Davinci IQ didn't meet my expectations for a portable vaporizer and I'm tempted to just go back to the Pax 2, especially considering the price difference. I'll be keeping an eye on the new portable vaporizers coming out as well but so far nothing has grabbed my attention. :( Btw, Vaposhop's customer service is top notch. Keep doing what you're doing. It's a very welcome feeling to know I'm dealing with professionals who care about our satisfaction instead of a bunch of children who fail to understand the importance of customer service. It makes a huge difference.

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