Portable vaporizer

Vaporisateurs portables

Avec un vaporisateur portable, vous pouvez discrètement prendre une bouffée où que vous soyez, appréciant vos herbes et concentrés préférés lorsque vous voyagez, ou partager vos meilleures herbes avec vos amis pendant une soirée.

Il existe toutes sortes de formes et tailles de vaporisateurs portables et ils varient de par les matériaux utilisés et leur technologie.


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Mighty +
Mighty + Prix de vente€299.00 Prix normal€398.00
Economisez 4%
PAX Plus vaporizer
PAX Plus vaporizer Prix de vente€239.00 Prix normal€249.00
Pax Mini Vaporizer
Pax Mini Vaporizer Prix de vente€149.00
Economisez 25%
Boundless - Vexil
Boundless - Vexil Prix de vente€89.99 Prix normal€119.99
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Mighty Prix de vente€239.00 Prix normal€348.00
Economisez 17%
Vaporisateur DaVinci IQ2
Vaporisateur DaVinci IQ2 Prix de vente€249.00 Prix normal€299.95
Economisez 28%
PAX 3 - Complete Kit
PAX 3 - Complete Kit Prix de vente€179.00 Prix normal€249.95
Economisez 4%
Firefly 2+
Firefly 2+ Prix de vente€249.00 Prix normal€259.00
Economisez 27%
Boundless CFX
Boundless CFX Prix de vente€109.00 Prix normal€149.00
Smono Sunshine Portable Vaporizer
DaVinci IQC
DaVinci IQC Prix de vente€199.95
Economisez 17%
PAX 3 - Device Only
PAX 3 - Device Only Prix de vente€165.00 Prix normal€199.00
Economisez 38%
Air MAX Prix de vente€199.00 Prix normal€319.99
Smono 4 Portable Vaporizer
Smono 4 Portable Vaporizer Prix de vente€95.00
DaVinci Miqro-C
DaVinci Miqro-C Prix de vente€119.00
Economisez 26%
Boundless CFX+
Boundless CFX+ Prix de vente€139.00 Prix normal€189.00
Economisez 34%
PAX 2 Prix de vente€99.00 Prix normal€149.00
Smono 70's Dry Herb Vaporizer
Smono 70's Dry Herb Vaporizer Prix de vente€119.00
Smono 3 Portable Vaporizer
Smono 3 Portable Vaporizer Prix de vente€109.00
Smono Start Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer
DaVinci MIQRO Device
DaVinci MIQRO Device Prix de vente€129.95
Arizer Solo II
Arizer Solo II Prix de venteA partir de €109.00 Prix normal€189.00
Economisez 32%
Arizer Go (ArGo)
Arizer Go (ArGo) Prix de vente€129.00 Prix normal€189.00
Economisez 5%
Smono 4 PRO Portable Vaporizer
Smono 4 PRO Portable Vaporizer Prix de vente€119.00 Prix normal€125.00

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How portable would you like to be?
If you’re interested in vaping while on the road or just need a break outdoors, you’d probably want a portable vaporizer you can easily carry in your trouser pocket or small handbag. Other, less-portable vaporizers, could rightly be considered ‘cordless home vaporizers’: slightly larger but more powerful and proficient in terms of vapour quality.

Stealthy vaporizers
Portable vaporizers have a number of ways to hide in plain sight. They fit snugly in your jeans pocket and don’t light up like a Christmas tree. Also, they produce vapour that’s almost invisible while still applying enough heat for you to enjoy your herbs and concentrates.

Portable vaporizers: herbs and concentrates
Portable vaporizers commonly specialize in one or the other herb form, while including (optional) attachments for either herbs or concentrates. Portable concentrate vaporizers are very often pen vaporizers and therefore highly discreet.

Portable vaporizers and vapour quality
Vaping is without a doubt a better way to enjoy your herbs and concentrates than smoking. Not only do you avoid inhaling burnt and often toxic products, you use your material more efficiently. Additionally, you can choose which active components should be released by selecting different temperatures.

Our vaporizers always feature food or medical grade vapour paths containing ceramic, quartz or stainless steel materials. That way, you can enjoy safe and carefree vaping. Most models are heated through conduction, heating your herbs or concentrates through direct contact. More high-end models rely on convection heating. This means they guide heated air through the vape’s oven for an even more tasty vapour. Other models feature a hybrid conduction/convection heating system.

Portable vaporizers with or without electronics
Electronic portable vaporizers are battery-powered. Other vaporizers require an external heat source, usually in the form of a torch lighter. With an electronic vaporizer, you choose your temperature and vape at will. Using a torch lighter requires a deft hand for precise temperature control.

Temperature control on electronic portable vaporizers
By choosing different temperatures, you decide which active components you inhale. Portable, battery-powered, models often include preset temperature settings. Other models allow you to choose the exact temperature you want to vape at, either through the device itself or via a bluetooth connection with your phone.

Entry vs/ high-end portable vaporizer models
High-end models offer a quick heat-up time, outstanding flavour, full temperature control, beautiful designs and durable materials. Our exacting team of vaporizing experts carefully choose quality entry models that are perfect for beginners or as secondary vapes.

Portable vaporizer accessories and replacement parts
At VapoShop we always carry the necessary spare parts and interesting accessories. Find out how you can enjoy your portable vape even more by using different accessories: pre-loaded herb containers, glass bubblers, sturdy and attractive carrying cases and durable grinders.

Portable vaporizer reviews by VapoShop
On our blog you’ll find frequent in-depth reviews of our most popular models as well as new vaporizers. We always rate portable vaporizers in terms of performance, build quality, user friendliness and maintenance/accessories so you can easily compare different models.