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Fenix 2.0 Caractéristiques

  • Marque : Fenix by Weecke
  • Heating technique: Full convection
  • Arrêt automatique : Oui
  • Garantie: 2 year
  • Pass-through charging: No
  • Portable / Electrique : Portable
  • Compatibilité : Herbes
  • Méthode d’inhalation : Fouet/direct
  • Délai de préchauffage : 10-30 secondes
  • Réglage température : Oui
  • Plage de températures: 160°C - 220°C
  • Batterie amovible: Non
  • Capacité batterie: 4400 mAh

Fenix 2.0

Remember the Fenix? Now it's time to meet its successor, the Fenix 2.0! This premium convection vaporizer doesn't just look very impressive - it is a super powerful convection vaporizer with some very cool extra features.

Fenix 2.0 features

Air heating convection technology - The Fenix 2.0 vaporizer uses patented Air Heating technology; a new, innovative convection heating technique that makes for effective and even vaporisation of your herbs, and - of course, great clouds of vapour. And as we can tell from experience - the vapour produced by this monster is absolutely superb. 

Built-in cooling system - The Fenix 2.0 has a built-in cooling system that makes for nice, cool clouds of vapour. This vaporizer guarantees a pleasant, cough free vaping experience.

Powerful battery - The Fenix 2.0 vaporizer has a powerful 4400 mAh battery which allows for 75 minutes of vaporization on a full charge. The battery charges in only 3 hours. On top of that, the Fenix 2.0 heats up in less than 30 seconds.

Full control - The set and current temperature, as well as the running time, are displayed on a handy OLED screen. But it doesn't end there! The Fenix 2.0 vaporizer offers full control over both the temperature (ranging from 160ºC to 221ºC) and the duration of your session (between 3 and 7 minutes). After the selected time, the vaporizer automatically switches off.  

High-quality materials - The Fenix 2.0 has a very impressive, robust design. From the metal casing to the titanium removable heating chamber - the Fenix 2.0 is made from high-quality materials. The stainless steel air path ensures clean, pure tasting vapour. The titanium chamber is removable, which makes for easy cleaning. 

Fenix 2.0 - what's in the box?

  • Fenix 2.0 Herbal Vaporizer 
  • Chamber Removing tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning wipes
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual

Fenix 2.0 warranty

When you purchase your Fenix 2.0 from VapoShop, you are guaranteed to receive the latest model and a full (European) two-year manufacturer's warranty, on top of our 30 days no-fuss return policy.

Fenix 2.0 critiques

Fredrik 2019-05-26

I used to have a mighty as my daily drive, but I wanted to try a full convection vape so I bought this one, and God am I happy for that. This vape delivers exceptional smooth hits, awesome performance, has a really long batterylife, and the geniuses designe makes it super easy to clean and maintain. I have used this almost every day for 8 months now, and after my experience with it I wold totally buy it again, and it got my 100% recommendation!

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