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XMAX Starry V2 pad à concentrés Caractéristiques

  • Marque : XMAX

XMAX Starry V2 pad à concentrés

Utilisez le  XMAX Starry V2 pour vaporiser des concentrés avec de pad à concentrés. Placez simplement vos concentrés sur le pad, insérez-le dans la chambre et commencez à vaporiser.

Un paquet contient un pad à concentrés XMAX Starry V2.

Note : ce pad à concentrés n'est pas compatible avec le  XMAX Starry V1, mais uniquement avec le V2. 

XMAX Starry V2 pad à concentrés critiques

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XMAX Starry V2 pad à concentrés Questions

  • Nitin : 2019-05-19 01:24:37
    HiDoes it fit with 3.0
    Yes you can also use this concentrate pad with the updated Starry 3.0.
  • Juliano: 2019-05-17 10:48:45
    Whitch quantity of concentrate can i put into the recipient whith the pad? There is no problem if This concentrate is e-liquid?
    About the size of a rice-grain of course this amount can be adjusted to your personal preference. The Starry is not suitable to be used with E-Liquids do not fill them in Oven even with the concentrate pad, it will damage the device and void your warranty.
  • Cris: 2019-04-15 19:58:03
    Is this compatible with V3? Can you clean it?Thanks,
    The concentrate pads are also compatible with the Starry V3. You can clean them by soaking them in a cleaning solution of your choice and then rinsing them off with hot water but eventually they will have to be replaced.
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