Many of us have been there. You order a new vaporizer, and when your vapemail arrives, you simply can’t wait to try out your new device. You read the manual (as you always should), put your ground herb in the chamber and wait for the vaporizer to heat up. Excitedly, you take your first draw – only to find out that your vapor tastes a bit strange- not at all the way you expected it to taste.

This can be disappointing. However, we’re happy to tell you that, even if you notice a funny taste, there’s nothing wrong with your vaporizer (unless something’s wrong with your vape), and that the problem can easily be solved by doing a simple burn-off.

In this article, you can read all about why you should do this, and how it’s done. You got this!

What is a burn-off (and why should I do it)?

With a burn-off you let your device run two cycles, heated on maximum without drawing from it. This way, you burn chemical residue or dust without inhaling it. A burn-off is just good practice, as it serves both your vaporizer and your own health.

Just like any other electronic device, your new vaporizer was manufactured in a factory and has been in contact with different types of machinery. This can cause tiny amounts of oil or dust particles to get into contact with your device – and thus with the heating chamber. Every finished machine-made product is cleaned with a chemical solution and residue can remain. Vaping the fumes leaves a strange taste and is potentially not very healthy.

Oven-based vaporizers especially can have a bit of an ‘off’ taste and could do with a burn-off. 

How to do a burn-off (in 5 easy steps)

We recommend using fresh ginger to do a burn-off, although using dried peppermint or sage would work as well. Using chamomile or lavender will leave a new taste that remains in the chamber for a while, and is not recommended.

1. Charge your vaporizer fully.

2. Turn on your vaporizer to maximum temperature and allow it to run 2 cycles.

3. Add ginger, peppermint or sage to the chamber.

4. Burn-off for another cycle and gently draw (the ginger/peppermint/sage) through the air path sipping, and not drawing the air into the lungs.

5. Empty the ginger from the device and brush out the chamber.

Voila! Burn-off complete. You vaporizer is now clean and ready to be fully enjoyed. 

Watch the instruction video below for a visual how-to perspective.