FAQ pour : Ghost MV1 puits thermique

  • Simon Hobden: 2019-04-16 04:42:20
    Hi, are these the updated heatsinks from the newer model or are they from the original 1st generation model?
    These are the updated heatsinks from the current model.
  • Phil: 2019-02-02 15:52:08
    Is it true that there are two kinds of stems, one made out of glass and one that feels more plasticky? If so, which one is included in this heat sink package?I feel like the one that my MV1 came with is the plasticky kind and I am looking for an upgrade. Thanks!
    Yes, there are two different kinds of glass stems. The ones included in this kit, as well as the one that is initially in the Ghost MV1 are feel more plasticky and the ones that are sold seperately in 3packs feel more like actual glass. They are still all Borosilicatglass

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